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    The difference between baby food and beautiful sunflowers

    Ashley Lovelesshttp://www.pearlcitymedia.com
    Ashley works as the Public Relations Director of Pearl City Media.

    Muscatine Living

    I have a confession to make–I suck at painting! There, I said it. I like to change up my décor a lot and have painted many walls in my days, but generally I end up with a mess of some sort or I would have to hang a picture to cover up a mistake. I always thought that a professional painter would be out of my budget, but guess what? DWM Painting will come and give you a free estimate, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable pricing they offer.

    Ashley’s top five reasons to hire professional painters:

    1. They prep before painting: I have never prepped for painting in my life, but apparently this is a very important step to ensure that your couch or floor doesn’t end up the same color as your walls.
    2. Experience: Painting may seem easy until you end up covered in sunshine yellow instead of your walls.
    3. Extensive product knowledge: Don’t find yourself crying in the corner of your half painted room after realizing you are going to need a sixth coat of that cheap paint you bought.
    4. They know color: They can tell you if it is going to look like a beautiful field of sunflowers or a jar of mango banana broccoli baby food (admit it, they have some weird combos).
    5. Add value to your Home: Instead of decreasing the value by spilling an entire gallon of paint on your carpet that you now cover with a rug.

    Give DWM Painting a call and you won’t be disappointed. They are local, provide quality work at affordable prices, communicate effectively throughout projects, and they have a ton of happy customers to prove it.

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