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    The Doctor Will See You: Local Experts Answer Common Breast Cancer Questions

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    Q: Why do breast cancer screenings matter?

    A: “Our bodies do not recognize cancer and produce symptoms, as they are basically our body cells gone abnormal . . . . Cancer mostly will not produce symptoms until it is late. . . . Breast cancer has good tests for early detection. . . . Examine yourself, get age recommended screenings, and if you feel anything out of place go to your doctor.”

    –Manasi Nadkarni, M. D., UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine

    Q: What raises my risk for breast cancer? Can I prevent it?

    A: “We are all at risk for breast cancer, but women much more so than men. We can do things to lower our risk, like maintaining a healthy weight (BMI 19-25), not smoking, eating a healthy diet and exercising. . . . Follow your provider’s advice for breast cancer screening, and don’t ignore warning signs, such as breast skin changes, unusual breast nipple discharge (brown or bloody), or breast lumps.”

    — Colette Hostetler, M. D., UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine

    Q: I can’t afford a mammogram. What can I do?

    A: “Our MAP (Mammography Assistance Program) program was developed right here at Muscatine Radiology. It doesn’t ask at income. You can just come in or call. We ask you a few questions, fill out a one-page sheet, and the costs are covered.”

    –Tricia Bedenbender, Mammographer, Muscatine Radiology

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