The Miracle of a clean car

Every winter, I look forward to the first real snow of the year. I love how cozy it makes everyone’s house look and how it makes holiday lights shine even brighter. What I don’t like is how after each snow it turns my car into more and more of a salt-cicle.

Fortunately, the good people at Miracle Car Wash can help you with all your seasonal car cleaning needs. Owner Tanya Pothoff grew up working at her dad’s car wash and has run Miracle Car Wash in Muscatine since 2015, giving her years of experience.

No matter how grungy the winter weather makes your car, Miracle Car Wash has a service perfect for taking care of it. Whether you need just a quick exterior wash to get the dust off or a full inside and outside cleanup and wax, Miracle Car Wash has an option to suit your needs.

Whatever you drive, Pothoff encourages you to keep it clean: “Contaminates and salt from the road can cause damage to the undercarriage and clearcoat of your vehicle. Routine washing will make your vehicle shine, but most importantly keep it functioning better.”

If you are worried about keeping the inside of your car clean and healthy, Miracle Car Wash can assist you. Their interior dusting and vacuuming services get debris and germs out of your car, improving air quality, and making it look a whole lot better. To keep COVID-19 viruses out, they also provide a spray-on sanitizer, which offers an extra layer of protection.

With the holidays coming up, I know I’m still looking for gifts for the people on my list who, “don’t want anything,” or at least not anything that takes up space. Fortunately, Miracle Car Wash has a lot of awesome deals that will satisfy even the most difficult person to shop for. Their coupon books provide four basic washes with a fifth one free, making it an economical option for someone whose car could use some sprucing up every now and again.

For those who need more frequent washes, monthly passes and 90 day packages also make great stocking stuffers. For anyone thinking of taking advantage of Miracle Car Wash’s window tinting, dent repair, or headlight restoration services, a gift card would make a good gift.

No matter what the weather (or the little one in the back seat) throws at our cars this winter, Pothoff and her team stand ready to help you tackle it. “What I enjoy most about operating the car wash is using all the knowledge that I was taught by my father–and always having a clean car!” said Pothoff. “Also, I enjoy being part of Muscatine and giving back to our community.”