The Plate Method– How and Why?
by Autumn Schultz
January 25, 2023

Are you looking for something easy to help you improve your nutrition?

The problem when looking for something simple to work on improving your nutrition is that it doesn’t typically work in a variety of situations. Let’s review an example– take a moment to think about the last “diet” you did. Was it supplements, juicing, elimination, counting calories, or maybe just some pre-packed meal plan where you eat what’s sent to your door?

Now take any one of those and imagine yourself in a situation where you can’t control the parameters, say a social gathering like a potluck or a birthday party. How do you implement that diet?

Do you bring your pre-packaged meal, do you just not eat, or do you get your scale to weigh and measure? In most cases, everything goes out the window and you mindlessly eat. Does that feel like success to you?

Introducing the Plate Method.

  • Let’s start with what it is:
  • ¼ plate of lean protein
  • ¼ plate of starchy carbs
  • ½ plate veggies
Graphic by Autumn Schultz.

Now think back to that social gathering. Grab a plate and fill half your plate or as much as you can with whatever veggies are available, then look for some lean protein and put that on ¼ of your plate, and finally add those starchy carbs. Then eat in the order you just put it on your plate.

Simple right?

The secret of the plate method is that it helps focus on portion control in a super easy and very versitile manner. You can do it almost anywhere.

Give the plate method a try and let us know what you think.

If you are looking for someone to help hold you accountable and to navigate your questions, we are here to help. Book your free intro or apply for coaching today by heading over to our website.

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