The Way of Love

You may have heard the line in movies, especially crime dramas, “we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” For the past 18 months or so, healthcare professionals have been saying to us we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way when it comes to the coronavirus.

Some in our nation and community have followed the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and medical professionals and are vaccinated, are practicing social distancing, and are wearing masks. To me, that’s the easy way. It protects the people of my community who are vulnerable, like children and immunocompromised people. It also protects the ones who practices these things. Others in our nation and community have resisted any or all of these measures, which I believe is the hard way.

We are seeing a rise in the pandemic again, and this time the variant is much more contagious. In addition, experts have their eye on a new, even more powerful variant that is in many states including the states surrounding Iowa. Intensive care unit beds are full, even in our own local hospital. We are placing a great toll on medical workers. Our children, who are not able to get vaccinated yet, are relying on the adults around them to be vaccinated, wear masks, and practice physical distancing to keep them safe. Let’s remember children wearing masks helps to protect them, too.

Someone once asked me if I could preach only one sermon what would it be? I said immediately, “God is love and God loves us more than we can imagine.” We are invited to live in love, the kind of love that puts the welfare of others before our own inconvenience. That kind of love is the easy way.

Thank you to those who can be vaccinated and have done so. Thank you to those who wear a mask. Thank you to those who practice physical distancing. Thank you for choosing the way of love.