This Sunday, Sept. 5, I’ll turn 38-years-old. There’s not really anything special you can do once you’re 38, right? My car insurance won’t suddenly be cheaper, nor will the cost to rent a vehicle.

Before you run out and buy me a present (sarcasm) jump on my Facebook, where I’ll be asking for donations for the MCSA (Muscatine Center for Social Action) Domestic Violence Shelter. That’s something I’ve done the last two years and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of money donated! Plus, the shelter can always use our support, and I hope you’ll consider donating via the Facebook link or, dropping money (or supplies) off at MCSA, located at 312 Iowa Avenue here in Muscatine. Just be sure to indicate that your donation is for the MCSA Domestic Violence Shelter.

Labor Day weekend also happens this weekend, and this is a friendly reminder that the kids will not have school on Monday, Sept. 6. My wife, Kasey, and I will be heading to watch the Chicago Cubs take on Pirates thanks to our friends Amanda, Susan, and Tom who operate Beaches or Bleachers, a local travel company that offers pretty incredible tickets to Cubs games or the use of a rental property in Jamaica! Come to think of it, maybe taking a trip to Jamaica is exactly what we should do for my 39th birthday next year!

I’d like to think that as I’ve gotten older I’ve also gotten wiser, but the truth is I’m still (kind of) a goofball. I like watching silly TV shows or movies with my family and laughing (very loudly according to my wife). It’s not until I look in the mirror or at old pictures that I start to see the age. The lines creeping in around my eyes (I believe they’re called crows feet) and the gray hairs that seem to be having a party in my beard (and on the sides of my head).

I’ve shared with you multiple times in this column that I’m finally slowing down with my side DJ business, and that’s something I’ve stuck with (I’ve turned down around 10 weddings). It’s nice truly having time off to spend with my family and friends. You might be thinking, “well Tony, I just saw you announcing at Almost Friday Fest last week!” Events like that which support the Muscatine community I’m going to continue being involved with. A strong sense of community is something that I’ve appreciated more and more as I get older.

It is wild to think that I was 28-years-old when I arrived in Muscatine back in August of 2012. I’m proud of the life that my wife and I have made for our family and honored to have spent the last nine birthdays celebrating in the Pearl City. To borrow a quote from Frank Lloyd Wright, “the longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” Frank was (is) right; life is certainly beautiful. Thank you for reading, and if you too are celebrating on Sept. 5, happy birthday to you my fellow Virgo (astrological sign)!