Thirty-Seven Years Later
by Tony Tone
August 28, 2020

This Saturday, September 5th, is my 37th birthday, and I am embracing it instead of denying the fact that I’m getting older. If anything, the additional gray hair(s) indicate that I’ve also gotten wiser, right?

What exciting things am I able to now do at 37 years old? Will my car insurance finally decrease? Does renting a car become suddenly less expensive? I’m kidding, because it seems the only major change will be going from 36 to 37.

The only time I really feel my age is when I’m entering my birth date on a website. You know that little “wheel” you have to scroll back to the year you were born? It would appear that 1983 keeps creeping farther down!

My only request from you, dear reader, in honor of my birthday, would be to consider making a donation towards the MCSA Domestic Violence Shelter here in Muscatine. That’s a cause that I personally care a lot about and an organization that had to cancel their annual New Beginnings fundraiser. Last year, I took to Facebook and turned my birthday into an online fundraiser for the shelter which ended up generating over $400 in donations. I’ll do the same this year. So, if you’re on social media, look me up and donate that way.

Here’s what I know after (almost) 37 years; I’m so thankful and appreciative for everything that has happened over the past 13,505 days (that’s 37 years times 365 days, in case you were questioning my math skills). I truly love the Muscatine community, and feel extremely fortunate to get to call the Pearl City my home and the place where my children will grow up.

Do you have any advice for me now that I’m 37 years old? Should we perhaps start planning my 40th birthday party? Is it safe to assume that by that point the pandemic will be a thing of the past, allowing for a true celebration?!

You may always reach me personally at Should you find yourself also celebrating a birthday soon, happy birthday to you. I wish all of you nothing but the best and, of course, health and happiness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 37 candles to attempt to blow out.

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