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    Turn lights on in show of strength and solidarity

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa – The Muscatine Fire Department is encouraging residents to take part in a nationwide effort Wednesday evening in a show of community strength and support. Along with departments across the country, Muscatine will open the bay doors at 7 p.m. and turn on the lights on all of their trucks as a sign of strength and hope for all.

    The following is from their Facebook post which is similar to what many departments have posted.

    The doors are down and all is quiet … but we still stand ready.


    At 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25, the doors will open, and the lights on our trucks will go on … a sign of strength and hope for all. 


    Hope for all who work daily in EMS, fire, and law enforcement as they stand ready to help when the need calls, strength for those working around the clock to provide care, encouragement to those who strive to find the right medicine to help, patience for those in the food/grocery industry to feed us, and will power to those trucking daily to keep us going. 


    You can do your part at home. Turn your porch light on and let us all know that you are fine and have hope. We ask all with red, blue, or white lights to light them up. Turn them on for just maybe five minutes of smiles and peace. We also invite you to put out a red, white and/or blue ribbon to show support for those in the emergency and medical service industries and to show the strength of a unified nation.


    Feel free to post pictures of your lights and encouraging messages here.


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