We’re All in This Together
by Tony Tone
March 28, 2020

If you’re on Facebook, I strongly encourage you join the “Spreading Joy (Quarantine) Walks-Muscatine” group. To date (as of writing this on March 26th) the group has 1,691 members. From what I can tell, the group was created to bring our community together during this difficult time. Each week, they announce a theme and encourage folks to decorate their homes, windows, and sidewalks (and driveways) so that when families are going on walks, they can enjoy it. I love this idea and the group. We could all use more good things like this, now more than ever.

My wife, Kasey (who is a saint) had our children decorate our front door and windows and chalk up the driveway. Part of social distancing, that I hope you don’t forget, is getting outside to take walks throughout Muscatine and, of course, our parks and riverfront. I find personal joy in spending time with my family and being outside (so long as the weather cooperates).

When was the last time you walked along the mighty Mississippi River? Maybe you’re a lifelong Muscatine resident or a transplant like myself (I’ll have lived here eight years come August). Enjoying the riverfront paths is always a great idea!

Some of the good that will come once these trying days are behind us will hopefully be a newfound appreciation for the outdoors. Even if you’re just soaking up the sun on a walk around your block, absorbing the natural vitamin D, it’s worth it.

When Mother Nature brings us those colder days or rain, you can always turn to all of the content that’s out there. Have you seen the “Tiger King” documentary series on Netflix?! Holy big cats’ pajamas–that is one heck of a ride! Do you remember seeing Joe Exotic at the Muscatine Mall? He was the guy who brought baby tigers several years ago. Or, perhaps you’re binge watching the latest season of “Ozark,” also on Netflix, and equally as compelling as “Tiger King.” Please, if you’re looking for ways to pass the “quarantine time” check that out.

I’d be remiss if I also didn’t recommend reading, writing, and listening to music and podcasts. But if there were ever a time to be holed up at home, it’s now with all the content available to consume. Heck, maybe I’ll re-watch the entire “Sopranos” series just because!

What else have you been up to? I really enjoy hearing from you, and you’re always free to email me directly [email protected]

Please take care and remember, we’re all in this together and you are not alone. If you need a friend, I’m here and I mean that. Talk to you next week my friends.

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