West Liberty High School graduates mark occasion with parade
by Margaret Hurlbert
November 16, 2020

WEST LIBERTY, Iowa–As high schools across the country look for new ways to celebrate their seniors’ accomplishments while still stopping the spread of COVID-19, West Liberty High School honored their graduates with a parade May 21.

About 56 seniors opted to drive or ride in the parade. Many got creative, placing signs on the sides of their cars sharing their post graduation plans or decorating the back of pickup trucks and greeting family and friends from there. One group of seniors even rode in an air boat pulled along on a flatbed.

The procession left the school parking lot at 6 p. m., and graduates drove around the schools perimeter on Maxon, Calhoun, 4th, and Elm streets. from the side of the road and sidewalks, families, friends, and teachers waved from a safe distance.

Though West Liberty seniors did not have the graduation they expected, they enjoyed the parade and will remember it fondly.