West Liberty Locker & Processing: A cut above

Over the recent Easter holiday, I know quite a few families who sat down to enjoy a ham dinner. If I had to guess, I think the ones who had their ham prepared by West Liberty Locker & Processing were probably among the most satisfied.

On Jan. 15, 2007, Gail and Suzette Vance opened West Liberty Locker. Suzette remembers her husband coming up with the idea and then doing the work to figure out how to run a successful business. “He was tired of working for someone else, and he did a lot of research and found we needed a locker,” she said. “His family had always made sausages and everything, so he decided that’s what he wanted to do.”

Together, the pair grew West Liberty Locker into a highly successful meat processing business. West Liberty Locker custom prepares beef, pork, venison, goat, and lamb. They also sell a selection of beef and pork products on site as well as beef snack sticks, summer sausages, and meat trays for parties.

At holidays, West Liberty Locker also provides expertly prepared smoked meats, with hams available at Easter and turkeys available at Thanksgiving. To ensure the quality of the products they sell, West Liberty Locker smokes all the meat they sell themselves. “That’s one of the things we take pride in,” Suzette beamed. “At some lockers, they cut up the ham and send it somewhere else for smoking–we take pride in the fact nothing leaves our property.”

Both employees and customers appreciate the attention to detail central to West Liberty Locker’s way of doing business. According to Suzette, six of West Liberty Locker’s eight employees have worked there for over 10 years. The majority of customers are repeat customers. “More and more people want to know where their meat comes from,” observed Suzette.

A labor of love, Gail and Suzette both really enjoy their work at West Liberty Locker. “It’s neat when someone comes in for the first time and they’ve never bought an animal and processed before, ” said Gail, talking about his favorite part of his job.

“Just the customer satisfaction once they get their beef or their hogs back,” never fails to bring a smile to Suzette’s face.

If you need expert help butchering and preparing an animal or are looking for memorable meats to serve your family or party guests, West Liberty Locker looks forward to helping you meet all your needs. You may browse all of West Liberty Lockers offerings at their website. If you have additional questions, you may call (319)-627-4060 or visit them in person at 3501 Freedom Street, West Liberty.