Wester Drug: Just what the doctor ordered

Did you know that Wester Drug is the only independently owned and operated pharmacy in the City of Muscatine? Claude “Doc” Wester started it in 1945 in the very same location it’s at right now, 315 East Second Street. Currently, Cory and Michelle Garvin own Wester Drug and its branch store in Wilton. Before they became the owners though, Cory Garvin worked with Doc and his son, Jim Wester. Now that’s a family connection!

As a locally owned pharmacy, Wester Drug does so much more than just fill prescriptions. Sometimes, it can be all too easy to forget to take a pill. Fortunately, Wester Drug can help keep you from missing a dose with their free convenience packaging. They will place your pills on easy to read seven day sheets. If you take more than one medication, they can even color code the sheets for you. How simple is that?

Wester Drug also makes courtesy calls to remind you it’s time for a prescription refill, confirm that you still need the same prescription or prescriptions at the same dose, and set up a day for you to pick it up or have it delivered, all for free! They also do all the work in contacting your doctor to get your refill so you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. “We take care of getting your refills so you should never run out of meds,” emphasized Michelle Garvin.

If you need home medical equipment for any reason, Wester Drug can set you up with exactly what you need. From walkers to shower benches, to CPAP machines, they have the tools to help keep you healthy. They are also very willing to help you learn how to use your new equipment. Originally trained as a counselor, Michelle Garvin will happily answer any questions you have and walk you through how to use your CPAP or other device so that you can feel confident when you take it home. If you find out you have more questions later, Wester Drug provides after hours contact information so you can receive timely assistance.

Just recently, Wester Drug also started point of care testing. If you need a test for COVID-19, the flu, or strep throat, you can get one at Wester Drug without an appointment or meeting any specific criteria. Wester Drug prides themselves on providing results quickly so you can get the care you need and start feeling better as soon as possible.

Whether you need a one time prescription filled or would like to have a one on one consultation to review your medications and make sure you are taking them correctly, Wester Drug stands by ready to help. “I think what both Cory and I and all of our staff enjoy most is working with our patients, Michelle Garvin shared.