When your town can ease your worries

I headed off this morning to yet another pre-op appointment and after a couple handfuls of these in the last few years on my cancer journey, it is not nerves that get the best of you. The thing that always pulls me back from that negative energy is my hometown, my people, my army.

I got back and picked up some of my favorite little humans from school and headed back into town for a treat!  What they didn’t know is that the treat was just as much for me as it was for them. We drove to The Coffee Belt where we were greeted with a joyful hello and comforting atmosphere. We enjoyed a smoothie and a giant cookie together and headed for a little jeep ride. 

The next place we ended up was quite perfect. Have you guys seen the super cool mural on the side of Pearl City Tattoo Lounge?  It was a gift from the owners and artist to our community, and today it quite literally turned my frown upside down.

You don’t get these kinds of comforts from large cities where you don’t know the owners of almost every shop downtown. You don’t get these comforts from frequenting big box shops. These comforts come from small town businesses that are filled with neighbors and friends. If you have worries, if you need a little cheer, then stop by some of your favorite mom and pop shops. I bet you will leave better than you came!