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Thursday, September 23, 2021

    Why Paint the Town Pink?

    Ashley Lovelesshttp://www.pearlcitymedia.com
    Ashley works as the Public Relations Director of Pearl City Media.

    Muscatine Living

    My favorite color has always been pink. However, the color pink gained a lot more meaning for me a year and a half ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    I never thought it would be me when I was wearing those pink ribbons in the past to support others. Since I was diagnosed, my view of the pink ribbon has changed; it is no longer something that I just pin on my shirt for the month of October. It is a reminder of the fight. It is a reminder of the battles I have won and the ones I still have ahead of me. It is a reminder that we are not alone, and it is a bond among others who have fought or are still fighting for their lives. The pink ribbon is a recognized symbol of breast cancer and is used frequently to support people with breast cancer and raise awareness for the cause.

    A past boss of mine would always tell me, “Ashley, everything can’t always be pink!” with a smile.

    This month, I want to prove him wrong. I want to paint the whole town pink! Remember, this is not about the color pink, this is not about just plastering pink ribbons all over town, this is about showing those in our community fighting that we have their back, that we see them, and that we will show our support in any way that we can, even if we have to paint the whole town pink!

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