Why You Need A Primary Care Provider

Just like you maintain your car, your body also requires routine visits and tune-ups. Working with a primary care provider, or PCP, can be just what your body and mind need. A provider can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Think of your provider as first line of defense. Primary care includes internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. What makes the PCP special? Mainly, a primary care provider serves as home base for your health – knowing your health history, treating issues as they arise, and recommending preventive actions for the quality life you want.

One Muscatine mom shares how her provider welcomes and cares for her entire family: “My son approached her as if he wanted a hug. She didn’t ignore him, she gently picked him up and let him sit on her lap as she continued her explanation. So kind, thorough, and the best.”

Another local parent shares her son’s condition is really improving, “since we have been applying the treatment given by his provider.”

Start with your routine health exam or physical to identify risks or problems earlier. Your provider will find any deficiencies, create a plan for improved wellness, and guide you on topics such as developmental milestones, nutrition, weight, sleep, and heart health. Another Muscatine parent shares they value the time their provider invests in their health. “They spent ample time with my teenager, addressing all the issues, going over in-depth concerns, and explaining at her level . . . exploring the best option for our daughter.”

It’s been a busy summer onboarding this these new providers to the UnityPoint team in Muscatine. Left to right – Laila Ismail, MD, Hamid Sagha, MD and Kari Dodds, DO. Still, the summer’s not over, and neither are we!

For infants and children, your pediatrician will recommend a schedule to monitor important developmental milestones and to keep up with immunizations.

Patients with chronic medical conditions may need to see their PCP more often for lab tests and to refill medications. If you don’t know how often to schedule appointments, just ask your PCP what’s best for you, or, when you are sick, your care team can see you right away.

Your primary care providers treat injuries like back pain, sprains, and lacerations as they arise. Rashes, acne, and moles are also in the wheelhouse of your care team.

With a provider by your side, you can manage chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, thyroid problems, and high cholesterol. Your care team can often treat mild to moderate mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression.

Most importantly, if you have a more serious condition, your primary care provider can help get you to the right specialty provider faster.

The UnityPoint Clinic scheduling team is on hand ready connect you with talented and dedicated primary care providers. Call (563) 262-6294 to schedule your appointment today.