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    Wilton graduate to play minor league ball for Brewers

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    WILTON, Iowa–Evan Reifert cannot remember a time when he did not enjoy playing baseball. “As soon as I could pick up a bat and a ball, it seemed like it was a good fit for me,” he remembers. “I was a sporty kid in general–I knew I wanted to play baseball when I grew up.”

    As a kid, Reifert played baseball through the Wilton Parks and Recreation Department before joining a travel team in his early teens at the urging of some of his friends. After playing for Wilton High School for his four years there, Reifert continued his career in college, playing for Northern Iowa Area Community College in Mason City for two years, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a semester, and the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Missouri for a semester. At all levels, Reifert enjoyed, “playing with my friends,” and, “getting to go out and show off my skills as an athlete.”

    This spring, a scout from the Milwaukees Brewers organization who had watched Reifert play for several years approached him about joining one of their minor league affiliates. Reifert jumped at the chance. “It’s a great honor,” he said. “It’s been a lifelong dream to play professional baseball.” Reifert added he felt pleased the Brewers contacted him as he, “really liked the organization.”

    Right now, Reifert expects to play with either the Rocky Mountain Vibes or Arizona League Brewers, both Rookie League teams. In either case, he looks forward to what his baseball career has in store for him. “This opportunity still gives me chills from time to time when I think about it,” he shared. “I’m excited and I’m ready to get going.”

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