‘Wrath of Man’: For Real

‘Wrath of Man’ sees director Guy Ritchie and actor Jason Statham reunite in an action-packed thriller. When mysterious crime boss H loses his son in a armored car robbery gone wrong, he’ll stop at nothing to find and punish those responsible.

Pro – Cool

Guy Ritchie is the master of making cool movies. Love them or hate them, his movies ooze machismo and style. Its not uncommon to exit his films with a burning desire to order tailored vest and premium watches. Wrath of Man has no shortage of this coolness factor.

Set within Ritche’s wheelhouse, stylized action-driven crime dramas, the director is playing all his greatest hits. That includes directing the man he brought to national fame in “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.” Statham has an amazing combination of style and grit, coming off like a beautiful union of James Bond and Chuck Liddell. “Wrath of Man” is a perfect vehicle for Statham to dial his coolness factor up to “11.” Literally playing a man with no name, Statham’s character H is basically an enigma the entire film. It absolutely works and makes a cool movie just feel even more cool

Pro – Action

“Wrath of Man” is not for the faint of heart. It is a full-on action movie full of fist fights, deadly gun play, and interrogations. For those that enjoy that adrenaline fueled screen fair, there is a lot to like here. Ritchie should also be commended for this style in shooting the action. He brings his own flair and uniqueness to the film, and scenes that could feel a little too much like “Heat” or “Den of Thieves” feel fresh and exciting because of how the movie is shot.

In the age of spandex and capes, it’s always a refreshing to step back into the world of mortal men for some excitement. “Wrath of Man” also does a good job of being surprising despite being predictable. The resolution of the film is never in doubt, but the execution of how it gets there has some enjoyable surprises and turns.

Pro – “Guy” Ritchie

Ultimately, what might be most enjoyable about “Wrath of Man” is it feels like a throwback to a bygone time. In an age where every movie feels like it tries to appeal to ever moviegoer, “Wrath of Man” feels like it was made with men who enjoy “manly” pursuits in mind. Buffoon dads, sloppy sweat pants, and mini vans are nowhere to be found, instead replaced with impeccable clothing, glaring stares, and no-nonsense men. Is it over-stylized, certainly, but it’s no further from real life than the doofus-comedy most shows and films foist upon their male characters. It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air that won’t be for everyone, but will be greatly appreciated by those that desire the change.

“Wrath of Man” feels like the start of the Summer movie season, and what a great start. It’s stylized, intense, and supremely cool. Fans of Guy Ritchie or the crime-action genres will delight in this film. Hit up H&M for some stylish threads, and then cruise on over to the Fridley Palms theater to give this testosterone-fueled movie a watch.