Cat Scratch Fever

No, this column is not going to be about the Ted Nugent song, even though it is a classic rock anthem from years past. Garfield the cat arrived to our house about two months ago and to be honest, I was not excited. I have no idea what kind of cat he is, so don’t even ask. He’s orange and doesn’t seem to have super long hair–does that help?

I have never considered myself a cat person, and I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to long haired felines. When my wife insisted that we bring Garfield into our home, I didn’t put up a fight because I’ve been married for nearly eight years and sometimes you have to pick your battles?!

Of course, my wife was right. All three of our children love the cat, and I think he likes me? Are we ever really able to tell if a cat likes us? Garfield will certainly climb on my chest and start purring—does that indicate that he is tolerating me?

Are cats empathetic like dogs are? It seems like cats don’t really need us and, would rather do their own thing, right?Don’t send me hate mail because I’m slowly going from “anti-cat” to “tolerating of cat(s).”

The relationship between Garfield and our dog, Archie is still a bit tense. You see, Archie (a two-year-old Puggle) has ruled the roost, and he’s not quite sure how to take his new roommate. In his defense, sometimes the cat will just randomly take swipes at his face for no reason.

Maybe another hamster would have been a better option. RIP Pickles (who you can read about in three previous columns, “The Curious Case of Pickles the Hamster,” “Pickles the Hamster Rides Again,” and “Rest in Peace Pickles the Hamster”).

My house has five people and two animals and is without question the loudest on the block, and I love every minute of it.

Should you find yourself looking to find a four-legged friend, I’d always recommend starting at the Muscatine Humane Society. Chris and her team are incredible and truly love helping animals. At the same time, they could use your support in the form of donating paper towels, ultra-strong garbage bags, and cat food. You can visit their Facebook page by searching “Muscatine Humane Society” or, give them a call at (563) 263-7358.

My hope is that we’re good with respect to adding any more animals at my house. Our backyard is full of bunnies that I think are living under my deck–that’s the closet (I hope) to get to having more animals!

Where do you stand on the great dog vs cat debate? You’re always welcome to email me at [email protected] with your thoughts and feedback.

I refuse to walk the cat; that’s not something I’m willing to do. Although, if the door happened to be open and Garfield escaped–kidding!