The Pandemic Puppy

Am I safe to assume that I am the only person who has switched careers and brought a new puppy into our home during the pandemic? In my defense, I have always wanted to have a Corgi. If you’re not familiar with the breed, do a quick Google search and get ready to be overwhelmed by how cute and funny they are. My friend, Rachel, had Gizmo the Corgi while we were in high school, and he was so much fun to be around. Short and stout with little legs, I’m convinced they are joy bringers. I have to give a shout-out to my friend, Joyce, for it was her post on Facebook about her daughter having two remaining pups that brought Doc into my family’s life.

Doc the Corgi

By now, many of you know (via my Facebook) that Doc is indeed named after the character Doctor Emmett L. Brown from the “Back to the Future” movies. Naming a dog is a tough task. We spent the majority of the ride to pickup Doc debating that. It wasn’t until I emerged with the puppy in my arms and got back into my vehicle that our boys said, “Hello, Doc!” Of course, the “Back to the Future” diehard fan and nerd in me was so excited.

If you’re keeping score at home, the addition of “Doc” brings the total number of animals in our house to three. We’ve got Archie, the food loving, lazy Puggle, and Garfield, the nearly one-year-old cat who, like most cats, keeps to himself. I will say that what has surprised me the most in the few days we’ve had Doc is how much interest Garfield has shown in him. I don’t think the cat enjoyed when Doc tried to playfully bite his tail last week, but it made for a comical scene of all three animals running through the house.

The level of happiness in our house has instantly increased thanks to the arrival of Doc. Even while having to clean-up after him or hustle him outside to try and get him used to going to the bathroom out there, the smiles and laughs are all worth it.

My son, Theo, wants to be sure that, “Santa knows we got a puppy so he brings him a present,” so if any of you have a connection with the Big Guy at the North Pole, put in a good word for Doc.

The past eight or so months have reminded me how valuable our time with each other truly is. It is the small moments of laughter that we will remember the most. I had been so accustomed to a go-go-go type of lifestyle that being able to slow things down (a bit) feels good for my soul.

I should let you know that Archie has taken to Doc very well and is also getting an equal amount of attention, praise, and of course, treats. I just may need to find out who installs fences in Muscatine because pretty soon, these guys are going to need to run free. Maybe that’s what Santa can get them this year, a fenced in backyard, truly the gift that keeps on giving.